Earn Credits in Three Easy Steps:

  1. Register as an Author! Registration only takes a minute or two and doesn't cost anything
  2. Read more about "How to Register as an Author to earn credits."
  3. Submit 3 Diagram samples, so we can evaluate your suitability as a contributor. Once we will confirm your "Contributor" status, you can start uploading your digital content and sell it on DiagramArt


How we calculate Royalties:

  • For content sold via On-Demand Purchase Model (based on diagram Credit cost) you receive between 20% and 50% of the sale price
  • For content delivered via Subscription Model (Free Images) you receive Credit / Monthly amount of downloaded diagrams


On-Demand Purchase Model Royalties (Diagrams with associated credit cost):

Each time customers buy a digital content using their Credits, the author receives commission according to their rank and the exclusivity option chosen for the digital content. The royalty rate is applied to the net amount paid to download your image. 

The royalty rate for On-Demand Purchases is as follows:

  • Sold Diagrams (0-10) = 20% net cost of credit 
  • Sold Diagrams (11-100) = 25% net cost of credit
  • Sold Diagrams (201-400) = 30% net cost of credit 
  • Sold Diagrams (401-800) = 35% net cost of credit
  • Sold Diagrams (801-1600) = 40% net cost of credit
  • Sold Diagrams (1601-3200) = 45% net cost of credit
  • Sold Diagrams (>3201)  = 50% net cost of credit


Subscription Model Royalties (FREE Diagrams):

The "FREE" Diagrams are freely shared (not exclusive rights), however they can't be used for commercial purposes. Advantage of selling "FREE" Diagrams is wide audience, quicker penetration to "Featured Diagrams" and higher volume of sold diagrams.

The royalty rate for FREE Diagrams is as follows:

  • 20-100 Diagrams Monthly = 1 Credit 
  • > 100 Diagrams = 1 Credit per 100 diagrams

 To be eligible for "FREE" Diagrams royalty fee, digital content must be sold to different buyers within a monthly period.


Credit Conversion Ratio:

1 Credit = $1


How to Setup Diagram Price:

For each Digital Content you can Set two Purchase options:

  1. Free = You don't setup price. It's free for Buyers, but you get payed by amount of downloaded files (
  2. Price = You can setup Buyers price within proposed ratio. Price Ratio's are revisited periodically by DiagramArt team to ensure competitiveness and  quick content penetration to target audience.If uploaded digital content doesn't sell within a period of 90 days, the price is automatically set back to the minimum range. Afterwards, if the file sells at minimum once in next 90 days, you can update the price again.


Mandatory Registration Information:

There are several Mandatory Information you have to fill out in order to receive your royalties/commission:

  • Paypal Email
  • Full Address

Failure to fill mandatory information will lead to our inability to pay your royalties/commission. Unpaid commission expires 90 days after pay date.


Pay Days:

Pay Days are scheduled on monthly basis, first Monday - every month. 


Our Policies:

Learn more about our Seller Agreement here.

Learn more about File Size Usage and Extensions here.

Learn more about Etiquette Policy here.

Learn more about Privacy Policy here.

Learn more about Terms and Conditions here. 



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